Mutilation and Mind Control: Angelina is at it again

Angelina Jolie I don’t trust actors in general. After all, they lie for a living; how do we know when the job ends and the personal life begins? The Flying Nun ruined it for me when she told us women to ingest shower-scum remover to make our bones better. Liar! Then Inigo Montoya bespoke the glories of heart-killer statins. Prepare to die! Serena says that Tampax keeps her on her game — yet I know that the 15,000 tampons a woman uses over her lifetime increase her chances of female cancers and abnormalities.

I don’t trust Angelina Jolie in particular. A few years ago, we were told she had a double mastectomy and then reconstruction. Did she? or didn’t she? All we really know is that women flocked to their local mutilator to emulate her. Now she says she is having her presently healthy ovaries removed. More women will do the same. But maybe the blessing in disguise is that anyone who doesn’t have the brains to think for themselves probably shouldn’t reproduce anyway.…/angelina-jolie-has-ovaries-fallop…/

Jeanice Barcelo has researched the trend to run to the surgeon and do pre-emptive mutilation. She says there is a “diabolical obstetrical plan to mutilate and sterilize mass numbers of women under the guise of ‘protecting’ them,” combining surgical mutilation with indoctrination and social control. (Read more here:…/surgical-mutilation-…)

Ms. Barcelo interviewed Kerth Barker, a SRA survivor. He says:

“…The Illuminati has a depopulation agenda. They plan to kill off most of the people on the planet so that only half a billion people remain…In order to push forward their massive depopulation agenda, they need to have complete control over their own Illuminati members. And even in the Illuminati system, most members would not necessarily cooperate with the massive genocide that is being planned… It turns out that [the intelligent] computer programmers and social organizers don’t do well when subjected to this type of trauma-based mind control. So the problem that the Committee faces is how they can have complete control odisney princess mastectomyver their intellectual human resources…What Illuminati psychiatrists believe is that when a person is subjected to extreme surgical mutilation, this creates a permanent feeling of powerlessness. So when such a person is then subjected to indoctrination, that person will accept the indoctrination more willingly…”

There you go. POWERLESSNESS. Take the men’s guns, take the women’s femininity. Take their protection and their reproduction. Make them victims. Make them barren. Give them no future.

“Let no man deceive you.” That goes for actors, especially.


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