CDC Study: Children Drowning in Salt

Poor kiddos. A recent study issued by CDC said that they are getting too much salt from their pizza and breads. The critical element missing in this study is the nature of the salt itself.

Not all salt is salt.

True salt is complete with trace minerals and life-giving electrolytes, but their pizza contains only sodium chloride, a toxic food additive. So what do they do? Like a thirsty man afloat at sea who drinks sea water that only worsens his situation, they eat more pizza. More chips. More french fries. More hot dogs.

And they get old before their time.

Their blood pressure shoots up. Without potassium (you know, that stuff found in leafy greens that no kid ever touches) for balance, the sodium scalds the blood vessels and the body holds water to minimize the damage.

Please read that again.


Warning: If you are sensitive of heart, the following will be hard to read.

One of the most brutal acts of this modern day is the saline abortion. Here is the graphic reality of the procedure:

“After the toxic mixture is injected, the baby swallows the salt solution and is poisoned and his skin burned. After suffering for an hour to hour and a half, the baby’s heartbeat stops. The corrosive effect of the salt solution burns the lungs and strips away the outer layer of the baby’s skin. The mother goes through labor and soon delivers a burned, shriveled and dead baby. The abortion, in medical terms, is considered a success. Because the unborn child’s pain receptors in the nervous system have developed, an unborn child can feel pain at 13 to 14 weeks gestation, well before saline abortions are performed.”

Our children are living, walking abortions.

They are being scalded to death by greedy men who care nothing about our health or our future, only about selling the most product and making the most profit. Could they use true sea salt in their wares? Of course, but man cannot serve two masters.

We are told that “as it was in the days of Noah” so should it be in the days when the Son of Man returns. (Matt. 24:37) What happened in those days? People drowned. With too much sodium chloride in the diet, the mechanism known as the sodium-potassium pump does not efficiently keep the cells in a healthy, “dry” state. Inter-cellular water (between the cells) builds up, and people…..drown. Yes, on a cellular level, but drowning is drowning.

The government’s solution is rather stupid; aren’t we all surprised. Their royal edict is that by 2022, the sodium in school lunches will be reduced by 50 percent. Wrong approach. Our guy afloat on the ocean above is just going to get less sea water, meaning he is still going to die of thirst. The right solution is to use true salt with its full spectrum of minerals that support adrenal gland function, with its electrolytes that keep the heart and vital organs in homeostasis, and with its flavor that makes food satisfying to eat.

Here’s the good news. Those greedy, heartless food makers do not slam dunk their frozen pizzas into your shopping cart. You do. The ball is in your court, Mom. Will you cut out processed foods, go to the local health store and get some Redmond’s Real Salt or some Himalayan Pink Salt, and start making your family’s food at home, from scratch?

One last word. Put all this information in context of your elderly parents and grandparents eating processed food, taking BP meds, diuretics, and eating salt that pours when it rains.

The average school lunch provides 870mg sodium.

The average school lunch provides 870mg sodium.



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